28 Lightbulbulbs

Creating Digital Solutions
for the Design & Construction Industry

28 Lightbulbs is a technology startup serving the interior design and contract furniture market in the Middle East and Africa. We identify gaps that exist for stakeholders in these markets and use technology to bridge them.

Why we do it


We Want to make Solutions bigger than our problems

Solving a single organization’s problems does not have the same priority or urgency as solving an industry’s problem. By embracing some of the more complex issues with technology, we envision an industry wide shift in the days to come.

We want to make transparency the norm rather than the exception

Being in a culturally conservative region, transparency isn’t always viewed with the same enthusiasm. Transparency brings about collaboration, which moves your bottom line up.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

We want to build a mentorship community

While the community is incredibly social, it’s not always evident how or where to take your next steps as a student. Engaging the design community at the grassroots level helps usher the next generation of designers.

Behind 28 Lightbulbs

“Excited at how technology is pushing the boundaries of workspace design & continues to search for innovative ideas & products that directly impact the work experience.”
Siddharth Peters

Co-Founder, 28 Lightbulbs

“Passionate about design and how form and function interact with each other to produce iconic craftsmanship. Always looking for ways to build a better mousetrap!”
Ben D'Souza

Co-Founder, 28 Lightbulbs

28 Lightbulbs

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